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How Human Resources Could Boost The Sales


The choice and enhancement of human resources is the first point to guarantee a company a unique and inimitable competitive advantage, and which identifies and differentiates every commercial activity in relation to the level of its service and its reliability; for this reason, the management of human resources should be placed at the center of the corporate strategy, even before commercial strategies.

The Human Resources module of HR (Human Resources) manages the entire life cycle of an employment relationship, from the initial selection, to the insertion in the company and contractualization, to the management and improvement of skills, to the organization of work, up to the monitoring of activities and to the management of holidays and permits.



The collection of candidate information takes place through an insertion wizard for the correct cataloging of all information and documentation relating to a candidate.
Data acquisition can take place through manual entry or acquisition from an external source (company website, personnel search portals, selection campaigns through social networks).
All the phases of the selection process are scheduled and managed through a predefined workflow, which can be customized according to the professional figure to be included.


The process of hiring a new employee is also a well-defined procedure that should be managed through an information system.
Employment contract, initial training,  mapping of skills , participation in mandatory staff courses, are all activities that are monitored and cataloged in HR (Human Resources), in order to maintain an historicization of the data and have a detailed sheet of each resource included in the workforce. 

Skills management

HR (HUMAN RESOURCES) makes it possible to evaluate the performance of collaborators with respect to the expected results, and to define incentive systems for achieving objectives. These are all issues that cannot be separated from an upstream definition of skills, knowledge, skills and behaviors for each company professional profile.
The mapping system embraces various methodologies recognized both at European and national level (ISCO, Istat CP2011, EQF)

Mobile tracking

For its resources that carry out outsourced activities HR (HUMAN RESOURCES) includes a mobile application that allows the traceability of the resources allocated to various customers.

Through the mobile app, resources will be able to:

·        enter the availabilities with respect to the available positions

·        view the tasks assigned to them

·        check-in and check out with geo-localization

·        view and confirm employment contracts by acknowledgment 

All the information collected can subsequently be reused by the back-office to generate pay slips with respect to the indicated entry and exit times.


Correctly tracking every activity carried out by personnel, understood as attributing in a detailed manner the hours carried out to individual business objects such as projects, contracts, assignments, orders, is a fundamental activity for any analytical accounting, profitability, and P&L analysis of project.
HR (Human Resources) encourages and helps collaborators in entering the hours carried out for the various activities, through well-defined and guided functions for entering the hours from the task calendar, from the weekly summary form, and automatic procedures for the summary of the hours of presence and absence with respect to the hours entered on the projects.

Holidays and leave

The planning and management of vacation plans is an activity too often delegated to Excel sheets shared on the network, worksheets managed independently by department heads, or in the worst case not managed and regulated through an information system.
With HR (Human Resources), even the request for holidays and paid leave is a process defined by functionality, through which each employee inserts his own instance into the system, which is shared and forwarded to the department or personnel manager, for subsequent approval and mapping in shared and comparable vacation plans, in order to avoid inefficient overlaps.

This is a complete guide how to use human resources to boost the sales.


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