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 Customer Relationship Management can be managed with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that allows you to better manage commercial and technical relations with customers. In particular they can manage:

  • Potential Clients
  • Clients
  • Contacts
  • Technical Answers
  • Projects
  • Offers
  • Visits and Inspections
  • Email
  • Documents
Most dedicated customer management software is able to intervene in the three fundamental components on which the CRM strategy is based, namely: the operational CRM, which automates the relationship with the customer, the analytical CRM, which processes the data coming from the operational allowing to profile customers, and collaborative CRM, which integrates all communication technologies to manage direct contact with the customer.

Through these software, it is possible to integrate all this information into a single system and have a complete overview of each customer, order or commercial offer.

At the level of the engineering firm, these systems can also manage all the documents relating to a specific job (site) and take into account all the activities done and to be done for all the jobs in progress.

In the case of a construction site it is possible to manage:

  • The inspections with date and relative photos
  • Related documents
  • Estimates with amount and deadlines
  • Companies involved and contacts

All this allows you to immediately have the state of the construction site under control from a technical and commercial point of view.

Customer relationship management is essential in order to understand if commercial or marketing actions lead to an effective result for the company that is evaluated in the number of new customers purchased.

Some CRM systems, such as Zoho CRM, also integrate project management software that goes into the detail of site management.

In addition to customer management, these software can also manage the periodic sending of information or references or news relating to your business.

A function that I use a lot is the management of current offers with the related reminders that automatically remind me to call back the customer to evaluate the status of the offer.

In the latter, I have developed these management systems for various companies which become essential for structured companies with a technical office and a sales office with various people to manage. In the case of multiple users, these software allow to organize information according to a hierarchical scheme that allows individual users to manage only the information within their competence.

Customer Relation Management - CRM, is a necessary phase of your business like all the others, and which consists of commercial and marketing functions. The most important feature of this part of managing your business is that it allows you to bring the company closer to your customer. The more your company deems it necessary to be customer-oriented (instead of being product-oriented), the more it will have to structure this part of the business, with dedicated strategies and tools. 

The functions of CRM in after sales

Operational CRM is the grouping of all functions where any tool or strategy is aimed at automating the relationship with the customer through direct contact. However, all the tools provided by the web (chat, e-mail, social media, forum, online ticket, etc ...) must be integrated as data and analyzed in the second phase, shown below.

Analytical CRM means that the customer management software must have all the necessary customer information available in an aggregate manner (personal data, history of meetings, contacts via telephone, e-mail, etc., shared documents), thus allowing to analyze and profile customers on the basis of their business development goals. These analyzes thus make it possible to constitute specific recipients of a product, a service, a communication, made according to a certain style, certain functions, etc.

Collaborative CRM is the set of tools contained in a customer management software, which are used by the company to guide production and relational processes towards customers, sharing them within the company or between a network of partners.

All CRM functions in a single customer management software: Softwares CRM

CRM Softwares is the customer management software that contains all the tools for commercial and technical analysis with help desk, for operations planning, for contact with the customer with a Call Center system (VOISpeed), for the automation of the sales force and for assistance, generation and management of customer tickets on the self-service portal. It is the perfect tool that makes post-sales the best opportunity to attract new customers.


In fact, by tracing all the activities carried out by the company towards a subject, it improves the knowledge of both actual and potential customers. Here are the advantages obtained from its use:


Improve the effectiveness of marketing actions

Acquire new customers

Increase sales

Improve the management of the sales force

Improve customer service and increase their loyalty

To reduce customer management costs


All the functions of this customer management software are returned to the user through an intuitive dashboard, from which it is possible to choose the desired field of action. Based on the precise business needs, the CRM Softwares software can be implemented with numerous modules available, reaching the maximum of customization (analytical, management, dem, mobile, social, sales, portal, call-center, bpm, helpdesk modules).


A customer management software such as CRM Softwares contains all the necessary tools to reduce post-sales assistance times and costs, aiming at increasing customer satisfaction. Let us remember that personal satisfaction is among the priority selection criteria by our customers among our competitors: once they are satisfied even in the after-sales service, our customers are potential ambassadors of our company work among their contacts.


The after-sales satisfaction must therefore be managed with automated logics (self-service portal and wizard for guided resolution) and programmable (service subscriptions), integrated with internal skills and the availability of your team.



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